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Lucknow Scribblers

526 Campbell St.
Lucknow, Ontario
N0G 2H0
The Lucknow Scribblers writers group in Lucknow took their name from the Gaelic scríbhneoir (Irish); or the Scottish sgrìobhadair; meaning writer to honour the area's Gaelic roots. The group meets every Tuesday evening from 6:30 - 8:00 PM at the Lucknow Library. This group brings together writers from different walks of life to discuss their works and give creative feedback; encouragement; support and in the process become better writers. The Lucknow Scribblers are in the process of building a writing community that inspires many different genres of writing. They are reaching out to students; aspiring ?scribblers? - young or old; experienced or even those that have forgotten which end of the pencil to use to come and be a part of a fun and supportive group. Drop into the Lucknow Library on a Tuesday evening (6:30 ? 8:00 pm); and check them out. All you need is a sincere interest in writing. Mission Statement: Providing a positive environment to encourage and support writers of all levels and genres.