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457 Campbell St.
Lucknow, Ontario
N0G 2H0
Prtotekta Inc. is an import/export distribution company based in Midwestern Ontario; Canada. We carry a wide range of productrs for the livestock industry like Stalosan F; Liquid vitamins; Iron supplements for piglets; Bobman bedding machines for dairy barns; automatic hoof cleaners for milk robots etc. We take pride in supplying only top quality products that will help the Canadian Livestock industry become even more efficient and competitive but still at affordable pricing. At Protekta Inc. we work closely together with Veterinarians; Nutritionists and second opinion supervisors from both Canada and Denmark in order to help advise livestock producers about how to deal with increasing disease issues in a time when the demand from the public is to use less medications. Most of our products are sold through a wide dealer network in Canada and the USA.